SPREE Fundraising APP

By Neil Paterson

Spree Fundraising APP

I’m writing to you today to share some exciting fundraising news, we have been privileged in supporting your local fundraising efforts with our beloved Spree book for over 20 years, raising over £2.5 million for local causes.

COVID-19 UK government guidelines have changed the way local businesses interact with the market and as you may have noticed we haven’t managed to print the new 2020/21 edition due to the lockdown and potential future lockdowns in our city, but we have invested into the development of our SpreeApp subscription membership and we are delighted to announce "Spree have now gone Digital" (see attached announcement)

With the response and support from our merchants with their digital seasonal offers, as well as fundraisers which have already committed to fundraise with SpreeApp, we are committed to continue to provide our good service for Merchants, Customers and of course you, our Fundraisers!

Fundraising with our growing popular SpreeApp is easy which is good news for all our fundraising community.


Our new Digital SpreeApp fundraising event will mean.

No handling of Spree book stock ?
No handling of money ?
No chasing and late settle ups, Fundraise 365 days ?
Just the same Funtastic local savings offers that have made the Spree book so popular for 20 years, now direct to your mobile device?
Its risk FREE with no upfront costs and you can raise money with each SpreeApp purchased through your fundraiser event!

We have created your own fundraising portal where you can click here https://www.spreebook.com/login and login and start your own fundraising event

Username - admin@thebreadmaker.org.uk
Password - spree123
Once login click on fundraising events

Set your SpreeApp fundraising events dates,
Once approved we send you your fundraising kit to share with your community
You will receive £5 for every 12-month SpreeApp subscription purchased (£20) or 25% of every monthly subscription
Track your event from your own unique fundraising portal, and we will pay your school/group by BACS monthly. SO SIMPLE!!!

We look forward to hearing from you to help with your fundraising efforts, please reply to this email if you would like to be involved with The NEW SpreeApp, we can get the promotional material and good stuff emailed to you.

Kind regards,

David Wood

Managing Director

Spree Publications Ltd,3 Albert Street, Aberdeen, AB25 1XX

Head Office: 01224 621000


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