SYFA Team Affiliation for Next Season

By Neil Paterson

Team Registration for Season 2024-25

As the SFA are introducing a new software programme for registration it is necessary for teams to affiliate earlier under the old system before it is made redundant. This will facilitate a smooth transition to the new system .
• League and club registrations are now open (Monday 18th March). -
These must be completed by Sunday 31st March.
• Team registration for the 2024/25 season will open on Monday 1st April. -
These must be completed by Tuesday 30th April
• Teams will not be able to register until both their league and their club
have successfully completed their membership application.
• All applicants and officials must complete Children's Wellbeing in Scottish Football elearning course and their Official Declarations. Please note, your declarations will expire
on 30th June and must be re-completed.
• Any individuals who have not completed the e-learning course and require help on how
to set up or access their coaching account should visit the Scottish FA’s Coach
Education Support Portal where you will find guides and FAQs. The portal can be
accessed here.
• All SYFA officials must complete their official declarations on an annual basis. Officials
can access these by going to the ‘My Details’ section within their SYFA account on
Scottish FA Live. The Code of Conduct for Safeguarding Children's Wellbeing, SelfDeclaration Form for Regulated Work with Children and Fair Processing Notice can all be
found at the bottom of the ‘My Details’ page.
• If a club has any officials or applicants who have not completed their mandatory
Children's Wellbeing in Scottish Football e-learning course or their declarations,
they will not be able to complete the registration process.
• The following club level roles are mandatory: Club Child Wellbeing and Protection
Officer, Club Secretary, Club Coach Coordinator & Club Treasurer.
One person can fill a maximum of 2 of the required club roles.
Each club must have at least 3 officials.
• The following team level roles are mandatory: Team Secretary, Coach & First Aider.
One person can fill a maximum of 2 of the required team roles.
• Club Child Wellbeing and Protection Officers must complete the Managing Children’s
Wellbeing course, which can be booked here.
• First aiders must be in possession of a valid first aid qualification from an approved
SYFA supplier. First aid qualifications expiring within six weeks of application cannot be
• Coaches must be in possession of a valid 1.2 Youth/Adult Coaching Certificate.
Individuals who do not have this qualification cannot fill the role of coach and should be
listed as ‘coach assistant or ‘team helper’.
• Club membership is a simple process and is free of charge - many clubs will have
already completed the process ahead of the 2024 small-sided season. Club secretaries
should check their list of officials and admin contacts are up to date (removing anyone
who is no longer with the club). They should then go to the Membership tab to read and
acknowledge the rules of membership and finish their registration.
• Under no circumstances should a volunteer who has not completed their e-learning
and/or declarations be removed and then subsequently re-added for a club to complete
their membership. Doing so will prevent the individual being reregistered with the
• It is the responsibility of the club secretary to place team secretaries into their
respective teams and ensure they have full access to their team, so that they in turn can
select the required team officials.
• Club secretaries must ensure that team secretaries’ roles are also listed on the club’s
long list of ‘Team Roles’ in order for their permissions to sync correctly.
• When setting permissions, officials should only be granted the level of access which
their individual role requires: it is the responsibility of the club secretary to set and
monitor their officials’ permissions.
• It will not be possible to place any applicants who do not have PVGs with the SYFA into
a team.
• League, club and team registration enquiries should be sent to
 SFA live issues or queries should be sent to

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